Gain Organic Followers on Social Media Platforms

A step by step guide
Since Facebook bought Instagram since then its been growing faster than ever. Specially the algorithm. Only in 2019 they have made more than 3000 updates. So there are some strategies that can be followed to increase Your Instagram growth gradually. Following is the full fledged guide to enhance Instagram profile growth.

Use HashTags

Although Instgaram made lot of updates over the year but one thing that remains the same is #hashTags. According to a survey help in early 2020, a post with HashTags performs 13% to 20% batter than one without hashTags. So its a still great idea to use most relevant hashTags in your posts to get more interactions and new fans.

Interact with New Audience

Whenever You got a new Followers, make sure to let them know that You care. Send a customized welcome message to new followers. Make sure to interact with their content for example liking their posts and stories and leave good positive comments to encourage them. When they notice that You are interacting with their content, ultimately they ll check You back too and interacts with your content al well.

Use Videos and Stories

According to a survey, a small video posts or solomos make more impact than a photo post. So its batter to make video posts often. One of the most impactful thing is Instagram stories. Its so frequent mean to get an interactions. So making 10,12 stories a day will give You great boost as well.