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How it Works

Make Your real fan base on Instagram with real and active Followers by following 3 easy steps

Step 1 : Add Your Instagram Profile and a valid Email

On step 1, eneter Your Instagram profile name and make sure its on public mode. Do not use “@” sign or any additional white space. On email field, add Your valid email, where we’ll be able to send tracking link.

Hit “Next”


Step 2 : Start Following

If Your Instagram account is on Public mode and everything goes well, You will be able to see below screen. Tap “Start Following” button to get on next step.


Step 3 : Follow and Verify 10 Users

Once You’re on 3rd step, never refresh the page otherwise You have to do all start over. Here You ‘ll be shown 10 Instagram accounts from other members to Follow and verify with click of a button. Once You verify 10 Accounts, You ‘ll be redirected to tracking page and confirmation email will be sent to Your email.

* Hit the “Follow” (Blue) button and it will open this profile on Instagram in new window

* Once You followed this user on Instagram, get back to our tool and hit “Verify” (Green) button

Note: Once verified, it will automatically switch to the next profile. If not simply click on the “Replace” (Red) button and the profile will be switched.


Once You followed 10 users, You will be automatically redirected to Your run time tracking link. Where You can see who has been followed You from LikingTom.

Free Instagram Followers Uk

How to Use our tool to Generate 50 Free Instagram Followers

Get free Instagram followers by using our tool with instant delivery. We are not just like other providers that claim to give You real Instagram Followers for free and it never happens.

It’s really simple and straightforward to use our tool to generate 50 Free Instagram Followers, by follow or like 10 Instagramers. There are no limits, You can make any amount of Followers.

Please follow the instructions below.

  1. Add Your Instagram Profile where You want to receive 50 Free Instagram Followers and a valid Email to receive a tracking link and hit Next.
  2. On Step 2, Follow Ten Instagram Profiles or Like ten Posts, Once You Done system will automatically send You 50 Instagram Followers for Free and redirect to tracking link.

With our Transparent Tracking system You can track Your Free Instagram Followers in real time. It’s totally Free to use our tool.

Once You’ve gained Free Instagram Followers, You can also try Free Instagram Likes tool that we specifically made for Instagramers those want Free Instagram Likes.

Free Instagram Likes

100% Free Instagram Followers

Free Instagram Followers

Why You need Free Instagram Followers

As You know Instagram is a dream market place of millions of Businesses, marketers, and Influencers. It’s not just another social media site, rather it has become a very competitive place to earn free quality traffic that leads to sales of specific products and services. So if You’re a small business, an artist, or influencers, You must have good exposure in the number of fans following on Your Instagram profile. Once You have a good number of followers and great content plus a good number of interactions, more followers will come out of Instagram natural algorithm and conclusively Your Instagram profile traffic will increase that You, later on, can convert to e-commerce websites or You can also promote other people products and services on Your profile and earn clean easy Free money.

Free Instagram Followers

Improve Your Profile Repute

If You Pursue Your career with Instagram, You need to take things a little bit more seriously you can Buy Instagram Likes. Especially when it comes to Your Instagram profile reputation.

Following are some points to ponder


  • Make sure You have a great and high res photo when it comes to posting content on Instagram
  • Make sure You have an impressive Bio in your profile that can attract people of the same interests.
  • Make sure you have great content in Instagram Stories and You update them frequently. According to 2019 Instagram Marketing stats, it impacts 40% more when You upload Stories instead of just regular posts.
  • Use solomos or small video shots in Your post content. It will also increase Your interactions and interactions led to more Instagram Followers.
  • Try to be up to date with Your profile niche and always come up with some fun facts posts that will interest people and encourage them to give You double-tap.
  • Lastly, make sure to use IGTV often. It’s a powerful feature of Instagram and according to an Instagram Marketer, it impacts great on gaining more interest of Followers and helps You gain more dynamic and natural Followers on Instagram.

Bonus Tips

Here are some bonus tips to gain Free Instagram followers for Free. No string attached!

Usage of HashTags

Every day millions of Instagram users are posting and searching stuff on the basis of HashTags.

It’s very important to use hashtags, every time You post on Instagram.

We have made a Free Tool that will give You the most trendy HashTags for Your business niche. You can check out Here.

When it comes to using hashtags in Instagram posts, one technique is frequently been used,

You made a post with some most trendy hashtags and it will help You gain real Instagram Followers and Likes for 100% free. You can repost Your best content again and again with a different batch of hashTags to gain more Free Instagram Followers.

YouTube Channel

Similarly, YouTube is a big shot and we can’t ignore it. There are many free tools on the internet that will help You to make Free professional videos about Your services and products of Your niche and upload them on YouTube under Your channel. You can mention Your Instagram profile there and encourage people to follow You on Instagram.

You will see a good number of followers coming from YouTube and totally for Free. It’s one of the best and unique strategies of 2020 to gain Free Instagram Followers and Free Instagram likes.

Follow and Like other People

Another great technique to get free Instagram followers naturally is to Follow Instagram users of the same interests and liking their content often. Every Time You do it, they will get notification of Your act, and 70% of people check back on new followers and likes and visit the follower’s profile. Once they see relevant great content on Your profile there are many possibilities that they will follow You back. If You don’t like to have a great number in Following, You can just UnFollow people after some days.

Schedule Instagram Posts

There are many tools out there that give you the option to schedule future posts on Instagram. It’s great to go with a proper action plan, it’s great if You can schedule Instagram posts in advance with proper hashTags and in a professional way, so as You always follow asymmetry in Your content. It looks more professional and great when You have posted in the same manner and theme and encourages people to give You likes and mention their friends and ultimately You get more free Instagram Followers and Free Instagram Likes.

Start a Blog

Another great and most promising way to make more Free Instagram Followers is to come up with a blog of the same niche that You have a profile. You can research quality content that is relevant to your niche or business and post on Your blog website.

At the end of a blog, You can always ask visitors to Follow You on Instagram. You can do little marketing at your blog site too. Eg: sharing on other social media. It will surely help You to gain Free Instagram Followers and Free Instagram Likes.

Convert Your Followers to Money

There are many ways to cash out Your Instagram Traffic. You can have Your own Ecommerce Store to sell products and services online. You can also sell other people’s stuff by giving shoutouts to their Instagram profiles.

If You don’t wanna have an eCommerce website, You can simply register Free with Amazon or eBay and access their product and sell directly from Your Instagram profile by uploading products and services posts.

You can also do affiliate marketing and CPA marketing to make money out of Instagram Traffic. Google Adsense gives You the opportunity to earn from Ads. All you need to do is install it on Your main blog and then send Your Instagram traffic to Your blog with the help of Your Instagram Posts.

Here we have made a free tool to check Your estimated earning from Your Instagram Profile. Access it here.


Nowadays there are many websites and applications out there that claim to give Free Instagram Followers and Free Instagram Likes but to be honest only 1 out of 10 will work to some extent and they never provide real Instagram Followers rather these are fake and bots that disappear after some days.

So to gain Free Instagram Followers and Likes You must pour in some efforts to Your Instagram Followers as we mentioned above. Plus You can use our Free Instagram Tool above to gain Free Instagram Followers and Likes, from real people instantly out of our affiliate system.

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