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Frequently Asked Questions

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LikingTom, is integrated with our main network via API calls. Our private network is ignited by Facebook,Google Ads plus our private affiliate networks.

Since we are not violating any of Instagram Policies.

Ofcource Not!
Its totally safe to use LikingTom for any kind of Instagram account – fresh or aged. Be sure Your profile is public before using LikingTom.

Its insane but yet some people may have this question. Well LikingTom, has been made according to  Instagram best practices. You actually have quota per month and that is 100k likes per month, You can use these likes on three different Instagram accounts.


All You need to pay is subscription fee. There is no setup fee or any kind of charges, no obligations, cancel any moment you want.

Yes We Do!

Since Instagram is keep changing their algo and other things, we always updating our system. There are no charges for updates.

Its ok, Please contact us via email or contact form and we will be able to get you back with in 8 hours (Max)