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#hashTags & Instagram organic growth

The Instagram algorithm has been made in a way where HashTags play a magnet role. There have been thousands of updates since Faceebook bought Instagram but one thing always remains the same and that is HashTags. You need to check on Your competitors or inspirational accounts to check what kind of HashTags they are using and try to use similar HashTags with your Instagram posts. You can also use our tool to generate the most frequently used HashTags with the click of a button.

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Most Reacted Type of Posts

There are many types of posts You can do in Instagram but not all of them get the same impressions and reactions. Following types of posts are the most reacted ones.

Video / Gifs
Carusel Post

Benefits of using Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are in fact real-time and lower production value which helps them feel even more legit, authentic, human, and real. Instagram You can also share more creative, out of the box content by taking polls, using stickers, linking music and much more. Following are the great 3 feature that comes with Instagram stories.

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